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Asian Allegra in itself is a symbol of liveliness. Asian Allegra is located at the largest as well as the busiest areas in Kerala that marks the convergence of the main north-south artery of the state. Amalgamated with Kochi Corporation in Nov 1967, Vyttila has been an apple in the eye of investors who have closely watched Kochi’s transformation into a prominent metro city in India.

Vyttila converges different ways of surface transport namely road, rail-Indian railways&metro rail and inland water transport. Vyttila hosts decent hangouts for shopping&entertainment for people from all age groups and takes pride in housing Mobility Hub, Schools, Hospitals, Government Offices, shopping malls and Religious centers.

The project offers premium 2 bedroom apartments starting from 1003 sqft. Each inhabitant of Asian Allegra will have the easiest access to the city as the bypass, Metro and the bus stop lie in the radius of 100 meters, metro station 250 meters and bypass 900 meters respectively.